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You’ve been filling that pretty little head of yours with countless wedding day woes, worrying about every single detail of your big day. You never thought sleepless nights would come with that rock on your finger, but it has and you’re so over it!


You know exactly what you want and have dozens of Pinterest boards to prove it, but you can’t fathom putting all the pieces together yourself. The pinning alone stresses you out and you would much rather feel beautifully in love than haggardly worn out. The Sweetest Bride full service planning we offer is perfect for you!


We tie your personalities, your love story, and your vision boards (of course) into one gorgeous wedding day you’ll cherish for years to come. Together with our exceptional wedding vendors, we’ll deliver your wildest wedding day fantasies with a confetti blast of fun, the way it should be. We’ll keep you organized, on track, and stress free so you can look forward to getting married!


  • We create an amazing experience throughout your engagement - guiding you from A to Z and providing top notch options for all your wedding day ideas.


  • We pair you with outstanding wedding vendors that reflect your overall style and budget - facilitate meetings, oversee contracts, and hire vendors.


  • We coordinate, produce, and manage the logistical details between vendors on the day of your wedding along with all the weeks and months leading up to the big day.



The venue is booked, the photographer hired, the cake tasted, and now you’re anxiously counting down the days to marry your best friend! You’re the type of blushing bride that would much rather focus on your “I Do’s” than worry about the bouquet arrivals.


You’ve pictured the big day ever since you planned your very first Sailor Moon inspired wedding with imaginary glitter veil and all. But now that you’re juggling a busy lifestyle and have planned most of your dream wedding, you’re ready to hand over the reins and watch us work our magic.


One month prior to your wedding day, we will work closely with your chosen vendors to pull the pieces together and flawlessly execute your wedding vision.


  • We finalize and confirm logistics with all wedding vendors becoming the liaison between them and the couple.


  • We manage wedding day logistics and provide a comprehensive timeline and day of itinerary.


  • We coordinate and plan your wedding, tying all the loose ends together one month prior to your wedding day and execute your vision the Day Of.



The Sweetest Thing Events offers customizable packages for happily in love couples at all stages of their wedding planning timeline. Whether you said ‘YES!’ an hour ago, finally set the date, or ready to walk down the aisle, we custom design packages to suit your wedding planning needs.


We know and understand that every Bride is unique and so are her demands. Sometime the situation calls for some assembly required, where "The Sweetest Bride", just won't do. Regards of the the planning process will call for, "The Perfect Dream" has is covered.


With The Perfect Dream A La Carte Package you can take bits and pieces of everything to create the perfect package. Schedule a consultation and share with us your dream and allow us to make your dream come true.


  • Comprehensive consultation, gathering all your amazing ideas and elements.


  • Custom design you a exclusive wedding package to suite your style/ theme and vision.


  • Pull together a team of professional wedding vendors to accomodate your special custom package.

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